From corporate training to cinematic stories
Client Ericsson
Project The Proposal
  • Concept development
  • Storytelling
  • Film production
  • Branded content

The challenge

Levelling up a training legacy

We’re on a mission to make employee teams all over the world look forward to training. Through dramatic modern storytelling, universally relatable situations and three-dimensional characters – these are the building blocks of a bold training experience that makes a difference.

While it’s hard to imagine getting excited about corporate training, this is exactly what has happened at Ericsson thanks to the training films we’ve created. After two record-breaking films shared with its 100,000 employees, anticipation was high ahead of our latest production – The Proposal. An intense, dramatic exploration of how to do the right thing in the face of an impossible moral dilemma.

It grabs you from the first minute and keeps you on the lookout – it makes you think “what would I do?” in that situation.
Ericsson employee

Our creative process

Compelling attention retention

As with any training, the result is a need to educate employees and elicit behavioural change. Our innovative approach to this is to create a compelling narrative that fully captures and retains the audience’s attention throughout, ensuring that the training content lands in a memorable and impactful way.

From concept to delivery, we worked closely with our Ericsson partners to ensure that we ticked all the learning objective boxes whilst producing an exciting film that delivered strong results and a positive impact, in terms of diversity and inclusion. In the writer’s room, we introduced new faces to the story and developed the characters from the previous film to build satisfying story arcs, from budding friendships to journeys of redemption.

Fantastic way of learning. It felt like I was at the movies during my office hours!
Ericsson employee

The outcome and impact

Employees now look forward to mandatory training

Upon launch, the film achieved remarkable completion figures and user satisfaction. By 27 days post-launch, the film received over 95,000 completions – the highest number of completions achieved in that duration across all Ericsson training modules – ever.

This should be an ongoing series! The production is superb. It should be shared with other organizations!
Ericsson employee
Thoroughly impressed by the seamless continuation of its prequel’s storyline. The way it skilfully built upon the previous content to create a cohesive narrative keeps you engaged and eager to learn!
Ericsson employee

This year, The Proposal was awarded a Platinum Hermes in the Video for Internal Communication category. We’ve since launched multiple new training films in collaboration with Ericsson, so the narrative-led training world continues to build.