Reimagining employee training
Client Ericsson
Project The Hack
  • Concept development
  • Storytelling
  • Film production
  • Branded content

The challenge

Transforming training through storytelling

Mention corporate training, and many will roll their eyes. But employees being bored isn’t the real issue with traditional training – disengaged viewers are less likely to internalise the important messages. What really sticks is solid storytelling.

With Ericsson, we produced The Hack, a cinematic cyber security training film that wove key learning moments ranging from simple password guidelines to serious safety information into the fabric of the story and characters, entertaining the audience whilst leaving a strong impression.

Really well crafted. Gave me full hack-series-on-Netflix vibes!
Ericsson employee audience member

Our creative process

Expertise meets thrilling narratives

From our previous work producing training films in a cinematic style, we knew that compelling stories and characters are the best way to grab – and retain – an audience’s attention. What we needed was the cyber security know-how. From concept to delivery, we worked closely with our Ericsson partners to ensure that we ticked all the learning outcome boxes but also produced a gripping story that supported the full training package. The result? A 20-minute film, based on the heist genre, that garnered rave reviews.

Absolutely amazing material! This is the future of training and the best Ericsson training content I’ve seen yet.
Ericsson employee audience member

The outcome and impact

A record-breaking project

Before the film’s release, a teaser trailer was launched to help build anticipation. It worked: The Hack was viewed by 60,000 Ericsson employees in the first 48 hours, smashing previous records for a training film. This unprecedented engagement with the materials, along with feedback and anticipation from the staff to see what will happen to the characters next, led to the client commissioning a sequel – so watch this space.

Erin Swoverland, Security Competence Manager at Ericsson says: "Working with Harleys on our mandatory Security training, The Hack, has been the highlight of my career. Their ability to capture and transform the necessary learning objectives into an engaging and cutting-edge live-action film exceeded anything we could have imagined... Many employees commented that they took the training multiple times, which is unheard of within the compliance training space!"

Derrin Edwards, Digital Learning & UI Design Lead, also at Ericsson says: "Harleys Global has been an amazing agency to work with to develop and produce, The Hack. I am astounded by their ability to translate complex learning objectives into highly engaging film content. The scenarios are character-driven, close to reality at Ericsson and infused with emotion. They have created a relevant and memorable learning experience that the team are convinced will have a lasting positive impact on security-related employee behaviour at Ericsson... To put it simply, The Hack has set a new standard to which all new Ericsson compliance training now aspires."