Employee branding with a human touch
Client Saab
Project Belonging with purpose
  • Messaging and storytelling
  • Concept development
  • Photography

The challenge

Mission: Grab the attention of the best talent

Attracting the best of the best is a must for all international employers, but competition can be fierce when trying to grab the attention of qualified candidates. In a crowded market, how could Saab stand out from the crowd, while showing what it could offer to employees and who they really are at their core?

Our creative process

Close collaboration to hit the target

Working with the Saab team, we realised there was one clear message to communicate: despite being in an engineering field, Saab’s primary focus is its people.

From this understanding, the key concept “Belong with purpose” was born, to communicate that being part of the team means that you are part of something bigger. We worked closely with Saab in a collaborative feedback cycle to develop a visual proposal that hit the target, showing Saab’s warmth and expertise.

The outcome and impact

Capturing the essence of the concept

With our shared vision locked in, we used the visual proposal to organise a bespoke photoshoot that captured the essence of “belonging with purpose”. We then rolled out the images across a range of print and digital assets, creating an instantly recognisable look and feel to help Saab reach the top global talent.