Team communication made easy
Client Electrolux Group
Project Communicating change
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation

The challenge

Communication can make or break a team

Communication can make or break a team. Electrolux Group was seeking an effective way to spread the news about an important company change, and at the same time, reassure employees of the long-term benefits for the business, while being sensitive to any concerns they may have had.

Our creative process

Engaging, professional, simple

We collaborated with the Electrolux Group team to create a storyboard that resonated with employees, by combining the key information with real-life scenarios.

The visuals incorporated the new Electrolux Group logo and colour palette, with a simple style that was professional and engaging. We also created characters to represent the Electrolux Group team, making it easier for employees to imagine themselves in the scenario being presented.

The outcome and impact

Communicate efficiently and effectively

The key information was front and centre in the animated video but was displayed in a way that was reassuring and let employees know what to expect in an easily understandable format. Electrolux Group was able to communicate the change to the team efficiently and effectively.