Refreshed look, effortless function
Client Palm
Project Making a splash
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Front and back-end UX
  • A custom module

The challenge

A much-needed site refresh

A well-designed website needs to do more than look good – ease of navigation is key to user satisfaction. A great experience will boost on-site customer retention, but the Palm staff found that manually managing the site was time consuming. That’s where we stepped in.

Our creative process

A fresh look

Collaborating with the Palm team, we wanted to help create a stress-free experience for their customers, and to extend that positive experience to the company’s staff.

The website needed to better serve these two user groups through a user-friendly CMS, attractive design and a more intuitive navigation. We worked closely with the Palm team, sharing our knowledge and steering towards a fresh new look that was sure to make a splash. We also explored several different solutions that could help solve those tricky behind-the-scenes issues.

The outcome and impact

Effortless site management

New search and filter functionalities have simplified the shopping experience for customers, but it was the bespoke module that made the largest impact on the company’s staff. Now, Palm can add new products to the site quickly and easily, making managing the site an effortless task.