Safeguarding your waters


Safeguarding your waters


Concept development

Video production

3D modelling

Email campaign

Event design

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown, the postponement of the Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) 2020 event forced Saab, a leading Swedish defence company, to consider alternative options in delivering engaging content. So, we brought their exhibition stand directly to their customers with our latest concept – the Saab virtual booth.

To retain a consistent brand image and properly represent product capabilities, we worked closely with the communications and underwater technologies teams at Saab. Provided with CAD files of the booth concept and products as well as imagery from previous Saab exhibition stands, our challenge was to bring these to life in a virtual space that could be explored and interacted with smoothly and with as low load times as possible.

The virtual booth user interface is centred around a reception area which plays an introductory video message. After this, virtual visitors can explore footage of the booth’s core focus – Saab’s partnership with Dutch shipbuilder Damen in the development of a new submarine. Plinths with 3D models of other key products from the underwater capabilities range are laid out around this, with each product displaying a modal window with further information, imagery and video.

To create an engaging experience, the user interface was developed as a first-person view with 360° movement and the ability to jump to each product using a side-scrolling menu. The booth itself is aesthetically minimal with dynamic lighting and vivid imagery to draw the eye to each stand and invite user exploration.

Alongside a direct contact form, we created a Twitter guestbook which encourages users to leave a comment using the hashtag #saabvirtualbooth, creating the potential to organically grow website traffic through social media interaction.

Alongside the development of the virtual booth, we also created and ran an email campaign; the first part acted as a pre-launch teaser ahead of the virtual booth’s opening date, while the second part was a direct invitation, allowing selected recipients to explore the virtual booth in just a click. So far, analytics from the email campaign show an impressive 55% clickthrough rate.

Ultimately, the virtual booth was a solution to the issues caused by unprecedented times. However, the concept itself presents exciting opportunities for implementation further afield where interactivity could give digital marketing the edge.