Belong with purpose


Belong with purpose


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For global employers like Saab, attracting the right talent requires an image that stands out in a competitive international market. They asked us to design a suite of employer branding materials that would set them apart from the crowd, and present a more striking and consistent image to potential employees around the globe.

Engineering with a human focus

Through initial creative concept development and research together with the Saab team, we quickly realised there was a clear message to get across in this project: Saab’s primary focus is its people.

Building on this inspiration point we developed the key concept ‘Belong with Purpose’. This summarises Saab’s promise – by joining their team, you can be part of something bigger, whilst fulfilling your own personal development goals. In short, Saab provides the perfect conditions for you to grow, and a home that will nurture you as your career progresses.

Saab Corporate Concepts

Executing a shared vision

Following several rounds of visual development, we presented a selection of proposals to focus groups from across the Saab team. This feedback was essential to ensure we were representing a broad range of viewpoints and, ultimately, appealing to the right target audience.

We then organised a bespoke photoshoot to execute the concept direction, and used these striking images to create a full range of communication tools, including roll-ups, event displays, optimised web images, digital wall graphics and a variety of print executions, with the possibility to develop motion graphics from additional material captured on the shoot.

Saab Corp Behind scenes
Saab Corp Behind scenes

With a complete suite of comms content and a captivating new visual identity, Saab should enjoy greater success in attracting the crème de la crème of talent from around the globe.

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