How to make the most of your campaign on social media

If a tree falls in a forest but no one is around to share it on social media, will it still make an impact?

Social media is a great place to share your brand’s content and increase reach, whether it’s for a new product launch, case study, video or press release.

With some strategic forethought and bold ideas, social media can be a marketer’s best friend – a cost-effective and engaging way to promote your campaign so that instead of slipping below the radar, it will get the authentic audience it deserves.

Creative freedom

Spending time crafting your social media launch strategy from the beginning of a campaign allows for much more creativity in the process. Consider new and innovative ways to communicate your key message to the audience on each platform.

It can be beneficial to think in a much more platform-led way instead of simply deciding to “make a video”. What kind of video might that be? Which format?

Perhaps an eye-catching GIF will drive in clicks from Twitter. Or you could create vertical content to provide your brand with fresh news to share on IGTV. When it comes to promoting content on Facebook, a bespoke teaser clip in square format is likely to drive more excitement and conversations than a long, talking-head video interview. Platform-optimised content will always come out as the winner!

And it almost goes without saying that when you think about your social media content at the early stages of project planning rather than as an afterthought, the result is a seamless campaign message that is consistent across each and every touch point. That’s music to our ears.

Getting better value for money

Social media assets don’t have to come at a hefty additional cost – there are cost-effective ways of including them. Let’s use a film shoot for a campaign video as an example. By planning in advance what you’d like to create for each platform, this social content can be captured whilst on the main shoot for maximum efficiency.

This might be behind-the-scenes footage to share as a sneak peek teaser, a set of cinematic-style clips and some vertically-shot videos. This way, you’re getting more assets and flexibility within the main cost of the project – a win-win.

Make your content work harder

A campaign can be split into multiple assets to help drive views, purchases or downloads – whatever the goal of your campaign might be. If you were promoting a white paper, you might choose to pick out key stats or facts. This information can be turned into compelling GIFs, video clips or infographics.

This means your content will be more engaging, giving you a whole host of new ways to promote the same campaign whilst avoiding repetition. Keep an eye on what other brands are doing on social media for inspiration too.  You’ll be surprised at how many great ideas might come to mind once you get the ball rolling.

Increased reach

Having a variety of engaging social media content will naturally increase the reach of your main asset. By variety, we’re talking a mix of video, imagery, animations and interactive posts such as 360-degree content or Instagram stories with polls or quizzes.

Facebook pages with posts that feature a good mix of content, for example, will be favoured by algorithms in the newsfeed. While, on the other hand, pages with repetitive messaging will find their posts are pushed further down. So the lesson here is that variety is not only the spice of life, but of social media too.

Social media can help drive measurable results for your brand. To discuss how a social media strategy could take your campaign to the next level, get in touch with our team.