A golden lifeline


A golden lifeline


Visual identity

Compelling content

Qualitative research

Messaging platform

Marketing collateral

When Nynas – a Swedish oil and bitumen manufacturer – asked us for a communications campaign that would highlight a niche product segment, we got right to the heart of their business. Through deep insight and industry research, we created a new visual identity and compelling content that captured Nynas’ role as an industry expert and leading provider of a vital resource.

The new design concept and strong messaging was applied to a range of materials. This enabled Nynas to showcase a strategic part of their business to new audiences and strengthen their position at the forefront of the industry.

Nynas Concept

On the pulse of the industry

The main challenge was coming up with an eye-catching concept that creatively represented the product, its important role in the industry and Nynas’ rich history. This meant really understanding the product, how it is manufactured and its wide range of uses. The result was the development of the ‘bringing your industry to life’ concept, illustrated by a line of golden oil that forms an ECG pulse, leading to an image of various industrial applications such as wind turbines, cogs and construction machinery.

Capturing a global audience

To support this new visual identity, we created compelling content including adverts, product guides, brochures, event giveaways, presentations and a range of online assets. The key messaging was shaped around Nynas’ role as an industry expert and leading provider. We focused on the company’s USPs, emphasizing its capabilities to appeal to a worldwide audience. This has allowed Nynas to showcase a valuable part of their product offering to potential customers across the world.