Stories from the frontline


Stories from the frontline


Documentary-style videos

3D animation


Qualitative research

Original music composition

Norwegian aerospace and defence group Nammo asked us to do something a little bit different for the leading industry event Eurosatory 2018. They wanted us to research and document the history of one of their legendary weapon systems and the innovative Multipurpose ammunition in two mini-documentary videos, curating tales from the original engineers, historians and end-users.

We delved into historical and current documentaries for inspiration and created moodboards to demonstrate our visual styling proposals and techniques for the 3D and animated sections. The main focus was on ensuring that the videos followed an unbiased documentary style, rather than focusing on the Nammo perspective, and balancing this with traditional storytelling techniques and short, explanatory animation sequences.

Nammo Concepts

Setting the scene

When it came to the weapon system video, it was important that we were able to interview a neutral expert with specialist knowledge about historical conflicts. With the client’s support, we were able to find an ideal candidate with excellent working knowledge of the subject. A real end-user, located in North America, was also interviewed which gave the documentary a dramatic, but true introduction to set the scene and draw the viewer in.

The subject expert interviews were carried out over several weeks in various locations across the globe, which meant the scripts, post-production and music composition all had to be produced in a flexible order. 3D models and animated sequences were created from CAD models to showcase intricate details and explain how each product works.

Nammo Kare
Nammo Tank Man

A new approach

These videos were the first to follow Nammo’s new marketing approach; taking the viewer behind the scenes and uncovering some of the stories behind how and why their products were made.

By using a combination of interviews, live action, archive footage and 2D/3D animations, the videos present an engaging story without feeling like a corporate video. They simply give the viewer a unique insight into each product and its key development milestones and require no prior knowledge of the subject to engage and educate, subtly showing how Nammo has revolutionised the technology and continue to innovate today.

Nammo Norway
Nammo AP model

After a successful exhibition at Eurosatory, the videos were published online and across their social media accounts. Take a look at the Multipurpose ammunition documentary below.