Harleys’ summer blockbuster

There’s nothing we like more than a summer blockbuster! That’s why we’ve created a movie poster that harks back to the 80’s to the classic films that we all love. However, there’s a serious message to this that could help you to balance your summer workload…

Grab your popcorn and don your tuxedo – it’s time for the Harleys’ summer blockbuster! Each summer we send our clients and contacts a fun and creative emailer.

This year, we’ve harked back to the 80’s to produce a summer blockbuster poster that captures the thrills of working with a creative agency.

The main purpose of the emailer is to remind clients that if they send us a brief before they go on holiday then we can have it ready for them by the time they get back. Many of our clients in Europe have a summer shut-down and so this can be particularly useful for them.

However, the emailer is also a chance for us to show off our creativity and ‘bad design skillz’ – not to mention to bring a smile to a few faces.