The Harleys content checklist

“Content is king.”

So declared Bill Gates in his 1996 article on the Microsoft website, heralding online business opportunities for information and entertainment providers.

20 years later, it’s a phrase that has not just been over-used, it’s been largely twisted in meaning to justify the transmission of endless realms of ‘content’. Just hearing the word brings to mind over-full spam folders, incessant digital ads and Youtube playlists of content about content.

The content ecosystem has turned on the audience, and many creators have forgotten about those receiving it.

In light of this, we thought it would make sense to share our internal content checklist with you, to be used when you’re preparing your very own content:

  1. Is it useful?
    Are you providing new information? And what’s more, is it information that can be applied in the reader’s life to make a difference?
  2. Is it original?
    Has someone else already told your audience this information? Are you just another voice in the endless content chorus? Can you take a refreshing angle or add to what is already being said?
  3. Is it entertaining?
    Even if the information can’t be directly applied in a functional way, is it at least going to make the reader smile? (For example, did you know sloths don’t fart?)
  4. Is it meant for this medium?
    The information may be useful, original and entertaining, but ultimately does it need to be in the reader’s inbox? Perhaps it’s more suited to a blog, news article or your Vimeo portfolio.In fact this content quality checklist actually started out as an emailer, but it grew a bit too long and we adapted it to the blog, and here we all are.

We hope you find this content checklist useful when creating and sharing your own content, and if you’d like to know about our approach to more specialised topics or media feel free to let us know – we love great content.

Long live the king.