Four ways to digitalise your marketing for 2020

In the current climate, most businesses are having to rethink their marketing plan. The key to surviving and thriving through this year and beyond lies in digitalising your marketing strategy and upcoming campaigns. More than ever before, there’s a need for cost-effective solutions that offer longevity, flexibility and accessibility. As they say, work smarter, not harder.

Here are four smart ways to digitalise your marketing plan and help you reach, engage and immerse your customers online.


1. Host a virtual event

While real-life trade shows and industry events are off the cards for now, the value of events shouldn’t be lost. Virtual events offer the opportunity to showcase products, share news or insights, and engage customers on a new level – all from the comfort of their own home. These virtual events can be organised through the creation of a dedicated microsite, or by integrating new platforms and functionality into your existing website.

Your virtual event could reveal new products and material, host live webinars or take viewers through interactive presentations. Of course, it’s not the same without the people and buzzing atmosphere, so you should consider encouraging active participation through discussion boards, interactive polls and live Q&As. Another benefit of digitalising your upcoming event is the opportunity to track attendance, interactions and sales leads – highly valuable measurements that will help you monitor success and plan future events.


2. Digitalise your event stand

You may have already prepared your event stand for this year’s marketing calendar, designed the roll-up banners and planned which product to demonstrate live. Re-purpose these marketing assets and make your event stand accessible to your customers without the need to travel – a digital 3D event stand hosted on your website is a great way to encourage user exploration in a realistic and convenient environment. Showcase your capabilities, embed videos and brochures and let your customers pinch, zoom, click and download.

Alternatively, consider creating a 360-degree recording of your event space to bring it to life. Customers can choose to visit and explore your stand at a time that suits them, and you can follow up personally afterwards to see if they would like any more information about a specific product or showcase.

Whether you go 3D or 360-degree, these digital event stands have a long lifespan and can easily be updated for future events or campaigns.


3. Interactive product models

Sometimes seeing is believing – if you can’t showcase your products in real-life, the next best thing is an interactive 3D model. With added hot spots, viewers can change the camera angle, zoom in for a closer look and explore certain features by clicking on hot spots that reveal videos, fact sheets or downloadable brochures. These interactive platforms can also be used to showcase services, capabilities and training solutions.

It’s a great opportunity to showcase hidden layers or extra information, and you can gate entry to know exactly who was interested in what. When industry events eventually return to your marketing calendar, these interactive models can be integrated into your stand with touch screens.


4. 2D animated videos

A cost-effective marketing choice, 2D animated videos are a quick way to create a valuable resource that can be used to explain, inform, persuade or entertain. There is no need to fly in a film crew and camera equipment, arrange filming locations and permits, or cast actors so the turnaround time can be drastically reduced.  

With an on-brand voiceover artist and an original music composition, a professionally produced video is one of the most engaging ways to tell a story, boost sales or showcase achievements. And it’s so versatile – embed the video on your website, use it in presentations and pitches, share it in emailers or post it on social media.


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