How to boost brand engagement on social media

Social media platforms are a great way to network, discover new content and promote your business. When done right, it can offer a whole world of cost-effective marketing opportunities for brands. Here’s our round up of the latest ways to boost brand engagement.


The rising popularity of the vertical video

First, we need to talk about Instagram TV (IGTV). If you don’t use Instagram already (with more than 1 billion monthly users it’s certainly worth considering), the platform’s new video channel launched in June 2018. It has its own standalone app but is still accessible through the main Instagram app and allows videos to be shared that are up to an hour long. By building a channel of long form content, IGTV has the potential to capture users’ attention and keep them there, without the need for a phone tilt – that’s right, IGTV is all about vertical videos.

Interestingly, publishers are starting to treat IGTV like a TV channel, developing original episodic shows after noticing IGTV users are gravitating towards serialised content. We’re eager to see how IGTV will begin to offer paid advertising and sponsorships as it grows.

Not sure where to start? The National Geographic, Spotify and Airbnb channels are all worth a watch.


Time to go live

The stats prove it – live videos on social media are generally a Good Thing when it comes to engagement. It gives followers the opportunity to get an authentic insight into the real business or a peek behind-the-scenes. As social media users, we all love to be a little nosy sometimes.

Live content as a whole isn’t new, but it’s worth nothing that LinkedIn is now starting to introduce LinkedIn Live to the platform. This will allow both people and organisations to share live videos either across LinkedIn as a whole or to a select group.

Live video broadcasts allow you to interact with your audience in real-time, whether you opt for a Q&A session about your new product or share an event. We’ve seen the popularity of live videos on other social media platforms and LinkedIn is set to be next. Rollout has started, so watch this space.


More dimensions, more engagement

To say that we are excited by the growing possibilities of integrating augmented reality (AR) is an understatement. Our digital team certainly are. Earlier this year, Facebook introduced the option to create and share 3D models. For businesses and brands, this is a great way to offer fans a unique interactive experience that enables them to explore products or solutions in a highly engaging way.

In fact, the AR Facebook capabilities don’t end there. Now, users can also upload their own 3D photos – no 3D glasses needed. The addition of AR across social media platforms is about to make things a lot more ‘real’ for everyone.

Artificial intelligence tools have also recently been launched for marketers. This offers brands the opportunity to use AI-generated text for their social media advertising campaigns. The increasing reach of AI is going nowhere, although audiences still want to hear from real people. It’s important that brands retain that human touch.

If recent developments in the world of social media are anything to go by, the next six months should prove interesting. To join in the conversation with us, you can find us @harleysglobal across all social media platforms.

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