We’ve been nominated for a Chip Shop Award!

We’re proud and excited to be say that our ‘Hello Skegness’ parody ad for Visit Lincolnshire has been nominated for Best Video at the Chip Shop Awards 2019!

Hang on. What are the Chip Shop Awards?

The Chip Shop Awards are a no-holds barred celebration of advertising creativity organised by The Drum – the specific un-barred holds including ‘copyright infringement’ and ‘a sense of decency and decorum’.

The origins of the award lie in the murky depths of the early 90s, at Barnacles chip shop in Llandudno, North Wales. Andy Cheetham (then upstart unemployed creative, now co-founder of the ad agency CheethamBell) joined forces with his mate Tony Veasey and sunk a load of money they didn’t have into an ad campaign for his Mum’s fish and chip shop – Barnacles.

They entered every award going with the resulting ‘Other Chip Shops Don’t Give A Fork’ campaign – and cleaned up. Despite being a tiny campaign for a rural chip shop by two freelancers no-one ever heard of – the campaign created a massive buzz in agency circles across the country and catapulted Andy and Tony to the big time.

The Awards are held every year to celebrate the joy of unleashed creativity, and the power of a simple idea. Entrants can create ads for brands they don’t work with, pitch campaigns they’d never get past the advertising standards authority – even make up work for brands that don’t exist.


Wicked. What did Harleys enter then?

We held an internal competition and invited individuals and teams from across the agency to pitch us their ideas for executions and campaigns, and needless to say the resulting selection process was as hilarious as it was impressive (and, considering the timing in late March, unsurprisingly Brexit-heavy).

Take a look at our nominated entry below:

CAMPAIGN: Hello Skegness (Shortlist)

CATEGORY: Best Video

BRAND: Visit Lincolnshire

TEAM: Greg Marsh, James Harris, Russell Bailey, Sam Williams

Following recent news that European holidays may become more complicated and expensive after Brexit, it’s the perfect time for a staycation. With no visas or hard borders, there’s no reason not to visit Skegness.