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A sharp new look


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Nammo asked us to rethink their existing brand guidelines and take a fresh look at how they communicate. We identified the need to produce a revised brand manual, containing a clear, concise framework for a consistent visual identity.

As a leading Norwegian aerospace and defence group, it was important to reflect Nammo’s trustworthy, professional status in their new brand identity. The early stages of the creative process involved brainstorming the general look and feel of the manual, always keeping the user and their needs at the heart of the discussion.

It quickly became apparent that users would have widely varying needs, so we decided to create two separate sets of guidelines:

  • The Everyday guidelines were tailored to Nammo employees providing day-to-day guidance, such as the standardised look and feel of stationery and the Word and PowerPoint templates
  • The Advanced guidelines were created for Nammo’s internal Marketing team and external agencies, providing specific details of the Nammo templates and grid to maintain consistency

The content of the manuals would overlap, both covering the core identity assets, while the Advanced version would also contain a ‘Marketing Consistency’ section demonstrating how to apply the brand across media, including events, brochures and videos.

Clear guidance

Given the creative licence to refresh the guidelines, we selected a landscape orientation and constructed a consistent visual style that could be applied across different mediums, centred around a diagonal concept using opacity effects. InDesign templates were prepared that incorporated new standards for typography, colour and grid alignments; roll-up banners were the starting point, before the templates were rolled out across the rest of Nammo’s portfolio.

The pages of the manual were designed to be clean and uncluttered, using clear visual guidance with minimal copy and a list of key takeaways. Good and bad examples of logo and design usage were also included, to emphasise how to apply the guidelines – these were simply conveyed using ‘Do’ and ‘Do not’ visual examples within each chapter, with the tone and language across the two manuals tailored for each audience.

Once the finished product was ready, we delivered the manuals as a pdf, allowing the flexibility for regular updates to be made as and when the brand evolved.

Nammo new brand roll-up banners

Refining and shaping the brand

The new guidelines have already been used to create a number of marketing materials, including the Nammo Insights magazine and the 2018 Annual Report. In parallel, we created the Nammo Brand Book, an extensive project that involved strategic thinking to create a high-level document detailing the who, what and why of the Nammo brand. The finalised brand guidelines and Brand Book complement each other well.

“So far, feedback from the team has been really positive – the recent developments to the brand have created a great sense of company pride.”

– Endre Lunde, Senior Vice President Communications

This project was an exciting evolution of Nammo’s new brand, where we were able to push the creative aspects and further refine their identity and then pass it on to Nammo’s teams to take ownership and bring it to life. The next step will be to roll the new brand out to Nammo’s website, so watch this space.